Contextual QA for dev teams

Let devs be devs. Leave the testing to us. No need to build and maintain complex test cases yourself. No need to train your team on a new piece of software. And no need to pull precious dev cycles to test your latest build.

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We work alongside your team, where you already are:

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Your Dev Team's Secret Weapon

Your dev team is capable of more. Much more. CarbonQA rapidly provides a dedicated, US-based testing team that can unlock that potential. We help your devs build better software, faster and cheaper.

Stop wasting your dev team's time on testing. A CarbonQA team immediately drives value by letting your devs get back to what they do best.


Your Trusted Partner

CarbonQA is born and bred from a custom software company. We hire only US-based, full-time testers to work for you: this isn't a crowdsourced or mechanical turk-based solution. Instead, it's relationship-based QA, with context. Our team learns your product, your processes, and most importantly, your team. You get a trusted partner you can use as needed to ensure your product quality is maintained while freeing up your team to focus on other priorities.


How Does It Work?

We charge a monthly subscription that ensures we have “project-ready” testers: resources that have been trained on your project and familiarized with your testing needs, there when you need them. We bill per tester, per day they spend testing your project. Your subscription includes your first few resource days per month, as well as our training and onboarding process for maintaining your project-ready team.

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Where Do We Fit?

CarbonQA is a perfect fit for companies with their own dev team, at nearly any phase of the software development process. We can help test your team’s work as they develop new features, against a user story or given acceptance criteria. We can help smoke test a major release before it’s pushed to production. We help build and curate test cases for your team. We work alongside your team so they can get back to delivering your product, with confidence.

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What Can We Test?

We focus primarily on manual testing of web, desktop, and mobile apps. We test against user stories, feature specs, and acceptance criteria, existing test plans, user experience, and, well, common sense. We'll build out a test plan for you if you don't have one, and help maintain it moving forward. We test responsive web, as well as virtual and physical devices with our considerable device lab. And our testers use Slack to communicate directly with your developers, tightening the feedback loop and helping pinpoint issues quickly.

You're ready for CarbonQA if you:


Have your own dev team

If you have a small- or medium-sized internal dev team building a web or mobile app, but lack a formal QA team or process, we're probably a good fit.


Use Slack for communication

We require clients to use Slack to facilitate communication and visibility, but our team is comfortable reporting issues into the system of your choice. We’re at home filing issues in Github, Jira, and Gitlab, or even Google Sheets.


Are tired of bugs slipping through

Even if you have dedicated QA resources, we've helped teams by offering additional testers for smoke tests, an extra set of eyes, or access to more devices.

Ready to unlock your team's full potential?

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